What AM I Wearing?

Friday, 29 January 2016

Jacket - Topshop // Shirt - Zara // Jeans - Marc By Marc Jacobs // Shoes - Adidas Originals Stan Smith
[Pics by Dunja Opalko

"There are only two people I can imagine wearing something as ridiculous as that and it's you and- oh, no, it's only you."
An overly supportive pal uttered upon watching me and my Big-Bird-Meets-Enviromental-Activist get up sashay into the room (one does not walk in mustard feathers, one sashays, obvs.)
Do you know what's so great about wearing such loud clothes? You can't hear overly supportive pals who don't 'get it' over the top of them. 
Could I be wearing any more colours or textures? No.
Do you really want to give me a massive cuddle and stroke my patches and ruffles (oo-er)? Yes.
Which sort of settles this sartorial safari really, doesn't it?


  1. I am in love with your coat and jeans! So pretty :)

    xx Sofie sealoffashionsofie.com

  2. You know, this outfit is fabulous and all, but I can't get over these photos? They're so un-OOTD like and so arty and just so unique, it honestly brings a whole new element to it. I'm such a photography buff, don't mind me. But wow, so wow, all the wow. Love itttt!

  3. You look glorious. Those jeans are gorgeous!

  4. You coat and jeans are really gorgeous. I am in love with them so much. Do you design them yourself?

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