St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel - Kings Cross.

Monday, 29 June 2015

It is a Monday afternoon like no other.
June has finally arrived, sun speckled spots float through the glass onto my face and I cry. 
I stand, shaking with awestruck disbelief at the bedroom before me, turning on my heels to peer at the bathroom once more and try as I might I can't collect enough reasoning for what good things I must have done in a past life to be here in this moment. 
'I saved twelve babies from a burning building,' I settle.
Surely, that must be it.
If only for a moment I manage to harness an iota of composure, after flattening down my nightdress onto my bed for the evening and taking a quick shower, I run down the medieval halls to begin my first sampling of the Renaissance Global Day of Discovery. 
The Booking Office is filled with a sophisticated bustle, crisp white shirts and patterned ties parted straight down the middle by a hoard of London and Parisian bloggers.
As plates fly off waitresses hands, confit pork and artisan burgers take centre stage for all of several brief minutes until they are devoured lens first by excited mouths who wash them down with an expensive trickle of champagne cocktails. 
I was always so certain of what it was that I'd order unrestricted as my last meal but I now know several readjustments will have to be made - I want Booking Office chicken salad and I want twelve servings.
We eat, we drink, we jump into a cab and head straight to Carousel in north London to catch a secret SoFar Sounds gig in the basement. 
Thrown into a whirlwind of adventure in my own city, there is a smile on my face that had been lacking for so long - no unsolicited social anxiety, no '...or I could just jump back into bed',  simply a fever and excitement that lacked such obvious parameter I could only see this feeling for days. 
I giggle with my friend Olivia, Snapchatting arrows and hearts around a beautiful bassist, fifth summer-cup cocktail in hand. 
Arriving back to my new home for the night, we kiss-hug goodbye's until the early morning and I call Adrian to come and check out the strange fairytale I've fallen into. 
"You really are a Baroness now..." He splutters at 2:30am, as I slide around the bath bigger than my own bed at home. 
The St.Pancras Renaissance Hotel is that of my wildest fantasy. 
I want to get married here. I want to have parties here. 
I want to move in and write novels here. 
Instead, all I have time for on this trip is to read a good book in the early morning glow and pack my bags for a 7:30am Eurostar that is conveniently, just underneath us.
The adventure continues on tomorrow's blog post... 


  1. I always go past here and dream about being able to step foot inside let alone stay! Alas, I don't think even selling all my limbs would be enough. Beautifully written Charly and I can't wait to read more of your adventure! x
    TrudyJohanna x

  2. Oh Charly. That looks like a slice of heaven. I'm so glad you got the opportunity to experience this. I can't wait to read the next part! ❤️

  3. What I would give to be there right now! Looks like a hazy dream, even the way you've captured the pictures ;).

  4. Really felt the giddy happiness in this post! I loved it. Looking forward to Part 2...
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  5. That hotel is seriously incredible! Pretty much the place to be!
    Can´t wait for tomorrow´s post! x

  6. This is glorious! Love your writing and the photos. How lovely it would be to take a bath in that bath!

    Emma |

  7. Dear Charly,

    We are kindred spirits -- we feel too deeply and unapologetically love all things material. I would love to discuss your creative processes over a cup of tea sometime! I'm in London for a while before jetting off to Berlin.


    Ninoshka |

  8. The photos of the hotel are fantastic!! :)

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