I live for surprises. Throwing surprises, receiving surprises, I just want to be a bundle of unanticipated energy floating around forever.
My darling mum sits on the other end of the unpredictable spectrum and likes to know exactly what's what and where it sits and what it's called.
She's a boss at excel spreadsheets and tucked in bed sheets and for that reason we often lock horns.
I get it, ain't nobody got time for someone else's dirty socks (she sees a lot of mine, mostly peaking from under the sofa.) 
In the fluster of its irony, I felt like there was no one I knew who needed a surprise more so than her and whilst she'd have been just as chuffed with a bunch of petrol station daff's and a bar of Aero for Mothers Day, I wanted to do a little bit more.
Being the impulsive sod (loving daughter) that I am, I bloody well did.
Packing two small cases with day dresses and silk-lined blazers, I got her to meet me at Kings Cross station and placed her passport in her palms and as her eyes brimmed with elated tears she instantly screamed "Paris!!" which then quickly followed with "LET'S GET CHAMPAGNE!" 
(and I wonder where I get it from...)

We twirled and skipped through everything that was on offer, eating each moment with hungry eyes and giggling souls.
I was filled with the utmost childlike glee checking both of us in and out of a fancy hotel and signing for breakfast in the morning when for the last twenty years that's always been her job for me.
Suddenly I was a real life grown up with my own real life grown up best friend and it was wonderful.

The charm that has written years of Parisian poetry is intoxicating, with its architecture that articulates a time I feel London's busy song has almost forgotten we brushed off the chill and dived deep into the romanticism of a city that would no longer live between the pages of a book for us.
All we wished for was to get lost amidst it all and we did a pretty splendid job.
I at no point had a clue where I was.

I booked us into the W Opera, because whilst I wanted her to crave the same serendipitous spontaneity that I was running towards, I wanted to know at least two things were guaranteed - a bloody good cocktail and a beautiful bed to rest flurried feet in.
Bang on  breakfast and a feast of trinkets, we returned after a day of exploration to sit amongst the clean and the colour and give Pierre on the door a wink.
(He was genuinely called Pierre and how I wish he'd taken up my offer to come back to London with us../me.)
Drawing open the shutters we looked right onto L'Opera, if we really had wanted, we could have stayed put in our little Parisian paradise and still felt equally as acquainted and in love with the city.
My trust and love for W was settled alongside with the room service cheque the next morning and I felt like an overbearing girlfriend latching onto the big old door begging not to leave.
Leicester Square, your french sibling is now my new best friend.

Whilst I know she is always proud me, I really felt I could immerse her into one of the exciting parts of my job and treat her to something she wholly deserved.
The strongest woman I know with the most infuriating beauty grinned more so than I'd seen her in months and now every jovial "Bonjour! Comment allez vous?" exchanged on the phone is embroidered with beautiful memories.
I know the stories you often have to re read on my blog aren't usually favourable moments for you to look back on, so this one is for you to enjoy. Love you then, love you still, always have and always will. More. X


  1. Such a lovely thing to do for your mother, Charly. You're both so beautiful. ❤️

  2. Your blog post is beautiful as always! Lots of love from Spain.

    Instagram: https://instagram.com/doortjegeelkerken/

  3. Such a lovely post Charly, you had me tearing up at the end. I'm glad you and your lovely mum enjoyed Paris. You both deserve it!
    Sara x

  4. Love it Miss Cox, that truly made me miss Paris :) Miss you!

  5. What a beautiful mummy you have! I've fallen in love with Paris all over again from your writing, just beautiful.


  6. If I may ask Mademoiselle Cox, what camera did you use to take these smile inducing photos? (You and your mother are an adorable duo!)

  7. I am so incredibly proud of you my darling daughter .. *blush* for the post! But wow didn't we have a great time - love you more than words can describe - Mummy xxx :)

  8. What a lovely gesture! Also your photos are beyond gorgeous.


  9. Such a lovely post and such a lovely gesture! :)

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