The Hoxton Hotel

Monday, 19 January 2015

Hubbard and Bell inside The Hoxton Hotel in Holborn is Soho House's newest venture. 
If like me, you can't afford the £900 a year to be an ACTUAL Soho House member, this little bubble is perfect.
You might slip into thinking you're a big music producer or the owner of a creative agency if you stay in there too long mind, so be sure to drop your t's occasionally and think about your dissertation or the sales assistant job applications you're sending out.
Even if you're not, just for steady grounding. 

I've just embarked on a new job and felt all heady with the future, so I asked my most sensible no nonsense friend for brunch.
I met Sophie a few times back in the Jacksgap office and I always felt quiet in her presence. 
She was effortlessly cool and it terrified me.
When we went to Ibiza in the summer it all changed. 
Hot summer wind painted our salty skin on a kayak in the middle of the sea, clear crystal water trickling over our legs and a kindred passion exchanged in our eyes. 
Before not too long I'd find excuses to borrow her aloe vera after sun just so we could have time alone to chat.
Sophie really got me and I felt as though she let me really get her. 
It was like falling in love without wanting to touch her and stuff.
It was a friendship unfiltered that I knew even if we wanted to we couldn't ignore when we got home and we never did. 
Her crazy intelligence and emotional strength are now things that merit sunday brunches and it's times like these, in a central London cafe that I know I'm not alone and am wondrously blessed to have people like her perched in my life with a Mimosa in hand. 

We ordered a big ol brunch: avocado and poached egg on toast with brussel sprouts and cranberries (sans bacon as originally listed on the menu) and a Red Mojito for me and a full english and Mojito for Sophster.
You can't feel guilty about a cocktail when it's got carrot, beetroot, ginger etc in it. 

The service was slightly testing, when Sophie asked to change up her full English she was greeted with a bit of a smarmy 'maybe you shouldn't order it.' remark from the waitress, but to be fair I couldn't work out if it actually cut me or if I was cut on the rum. Either way, service was lacking a smile.

Generous portions and exquisite cocktails, I'd say ditch the dinner and head straight for drinks instead. 


  1. This whole post makes my tummy rumble with jealousy

  2. I actually just made a reservation here for this Saturday to have brunch! I'll definitely be indulging in a cocktail and hopefully get some nicer service :)
    Another lovely post. Thanks, Charly xx

    1. Ah how weird! Yes! You'll love it. Definitely get a veggie cocktail, so much nicer than you'd imagine x

  3. This looks so so good! And now I'm hungry again. Finding new friendships is one of the best things about life. X

    1. Thanks Trudy! I'm very lucky, she's a great find x

  4. Looks amazing, eggs and avocado is a match made in heaven! Fab post

  5. Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog! And congrats on your position at Grazia!! I've been struggling to find a job in the fashion industry after graduation, but you always give me hope that hard work really does pay off!! Looks like you had a lovely time at Hoxton Hotel xx

  6. "It was like falling in love without wanting to touch her and stuff" this is exactly how I feel about my best friend.
    My sentiments, perfectly echoed as always Charly!

    The food looks gorgeous too, shame about the service.


  7. I feel like you can nearly alway tell how good photo will be by how a restaurant is styled, this place looks amazing!
    It's a shame the service wasn't good, hopefully as the place gets up and running for a longer period of time they will work out the chinks!

  8. Oh my god the food looks amazing!! :)

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