Señor Ceviche, Kingly Court - My Favourite Date Spot

Thursday, 4 December 2014

All of my friends mock me for being a 'serial dater'.
They've all exhausted the joke, pondering upon my lack of keeping a night in the week free where I'm not out for dinner or drinks with someone new.
I let them laugh and sit in brief bemusement because what they think is a serious comittment issue is actually a more serious love of finding new places to stuff my face and get a bit drunk.
Señor Ceviche in Kingly Court has newly become my new favourite date night spot and as part of my bid to take Jack on 'a holiday at home', I thought I'd let him come and see what all the fuss was about.
Cassava croquettes with anji panca sour cream
Based on the bohemian district of Lima, Barranco, the 25 year old owner (jesus christ I better get to work) Harry Edmeades has crafted a sanctuary of Peruvian flavours and planted them right in the middle of Soho. 
It's as charming as it is electric, fluorescent posters and neon accents on the furnishings sewn together with a sway of island music that pushes your whittled central city mindset into a place far from here.
We ordered as much food as we could fit on the table, sharing unwillingly between us as we fought for the last mouthful of each dish.
Tempura baby squid, prawns and market fish with jalepeno tiger milk
The tempura baby squid, prawns and market fish with jalepeno tiger milk was incredible, so much so we ordered another plate. 
If it wasn't for the Tamarind BBQ Chicken Anticuchos (tender chicken skewers covered in what we both agreed on was the best bbq-style sauce we'd ever licked off of a plate) we'd probably have ordered it again between each cocktail.
Equally, Señor Ceviche's signature dish was divine.
For the last two weeks I've delved haphazardly into the world of attempting a vegan lifestyle but obviously (...OBVIOUSLY!!!) I had to give it a miss when we arrived here.
However I did try and do my fill of greens and ordered the Chimbote and Cusco Quinoa, that whilst weren't as good as their meat and fishy counterparts were still pretty exquisite as sides.
Fries covered in spicy peruvian cheese sauce and tomato fondue
As the meal came to an end and I'd had enough Ayahuasca cocktails to try and pronounce everything proudly on the menu, I let out a little weep.
Mostly, because the chocolate brownie and coconut ice-cream dessert was so good.

I don't think I've ever seasoned a restaurant write-up so kindly, but this place really is all it's cracked up to be.

Good job Harry, I'll definitely see you in there for a drink sometime soon. 


  1. I keep telling my friend we need to go here.... now you've been im going to have to bug her even more. Great post as always Char! Xxx

  2. omg the food looks incredible!!!!!

  3. how do you make even a restaurant review an interesting piece of writing? ive legit read this twice. Definitely convinced me to go over to soho too.. are you a magician?

  4. Good. I'm glad you chose to eat and live how you want. If you want to be vegan do it for you and not because all your friends do it and think it's cool. If you're going to go vegan you better give up leather products as well or you will have the Vsquad on your ass faster than you can spell PETA.

  5. We were there a couple of weeks ago and we loved it! But I dind't have dessert. I guess I'll have to go back and check that chocolate brownie...

  6. all of that food looks amazing!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  7. Everything looks amazing, and this is probably why you much rather go out then sit at home nuking up leftovers. The baby squids looks so delicious...I much prefer ordering a bunch of small plates than one entree :)

  8. the food looks amazing!

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  10. Hello Charly!
    You have no idea how much this post makes me happy. The restaurant you just went to is actually from my country Perú and I'm glad you love the food. I never though you would do a post mentioning my country (or our food!). I've never commented here before so I thought this was a special occasion. I'm absolutely in love with your blog and thank you!

  11. I personally think it's a great thing to be meeting new people. It just opens up your world to new things. Keep doing you Charly - amazing blog post as always, and the food looks incroyable. :*

    Lots of love, Hira from - xx

  12. Auyuhasca cocktails.

    Um, I need to try those. How is that legal? Clearly guessing you don't trip balls like w/ regular Auyuhasca, but still. Need. To. Try.



  13. This sounds so good! I love the Kingly Court just has a bunch of restaurants that I need to try! Have you been to Stax? I really liked it!

  14. Peruvian food is the best! Im from Peru and there is always some new retaurant they are opening with increidble food. If you ever come £ can recomend you some places ;)

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