A postcard from Will D

Sunday, 19 October 2014

I know it's cruel to think I'm breaking, so selfish and fickle to suggest my youth has run its course on love/luck(?),

                              even if only for those few moments I sat awake on the corner of your bed.

Your eyes glint and
shatter           all
of the prewritten unrhymed poems I'll scribble on the backs of receipts on the train home that tell me
It is whatever,
but whatever it was certainly wasn't.
You are too kind to notice and I am too kind to care,
it's always the same and I struggle to be that kind

Even still, I wish I could change your mind.


  1. I really needed this this morning. Thanks, Charly.

  2. Will is such a wonderful person and so are you! I love the message on the card

  3. this is really all I needed today. When I feel a bit lost I always come back here to your blog and you manage to make me feel better, like everything goes back to its place, I don't know, you fix things.
    Thank you, and to Will too.
    Lots of Love
    Letizia (from Italy) x

  4. Soooo beautiful, lovely. Keep it up. <3 xxx

  5. Charly, are you inside my brain? I didn't give you permission, get out of there.

    What a friend Will D is. Hold on that one.

  6. The manner that you have of expressing your feelings it's incredible. And Will is so sweet, you are very lucky to have him in your life.

    I send you love from Paris,

    Effy x



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