June Essentials

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Jeez-Louise what a month it's been.
No, but really, WHAT a month.
Packed full of adventure and long-haul flights, although I am not one to do these sort of posts, I genuinely wouldn't have survived without this kit so wham-bam and thank you Hank Green, these were my June essentials.

Spending significant time on an airplane rips your skin to shreds.
Literally, I have been a wriggly peeling snake. Gross.
Then the lovely ladies at Company Magazine introduced me to the
Orly Rich Renewal Hydration Creme and I have instead been a 
slinky silky snake. Yes please.

 2. Yve Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
Undeniably the worst kept secret in the beauty world,
but it actually does what everyone praises it for.
I've had the same little gold pen since I was 15
and it's still serving me well three years later.
Excellent for hiding jet-lagged eyes.

 3. The Sartorialist - Penguin books
Travels abroad left me sartorially scared and clueless.
Scott Schuman put me back on track and kept me print crazy.

 4.Fujifilm Experia Xtra iso 400
I've fallen in love with film being the secret Shoreditch hipster that I am
and this stuff is way cheaper than the other rolls of film the pro's try and flog you.
Once you've got a nice VSCO filter on it, who cares how much you paid for it?

 5. Tangle Teezer
Skinny dipping and sea salt air means I have to embrace my natural afro curl.
No other brush will physically attack it the way this sparkly purple thing does.
So light, so pretty, so damn good.

 6. Aloe Vera Gel
"I don't burn!!! I have the olive skin of an Italian!!!"
I lied to my friends as I wore factor 10 oil in the afternoon sun.
They then spent the entirety of the holiday coating me in this.
(It helps if you can also find the hands of Ben Brown to put it on your back.)

7.Bleach London Hair Crayon's in 'Washed Up Mermaid' & 'The Big Pink'
Still not grown up yet.
Still not ready to make adult decisions. 
Still dying my hair stupid colours.
These crayons make it a less permanent affair so I can still rock up to a meeting
without looking 15 years old in a crisis. 

 8.Urban Outfitters Love Heart Sunglasses
Yet again still not grown up.
But grown up enough to know my eyes
must be protected.
Too cute not to purchase.

 9. Topshop 'Glow' Highlighter
My beautiful friend Shannon Saunders once attacked
me in a pub bathroom with this stuff and I've bought three pots since.
So shiny, so glowy, so sun kissed.
It's like sex on the beach all over your face.
In a particularly non literal sense, of course.

 10. Alexa Chung x Eyeko Eyeliner
Everything she touches turns to gold.
Hands down the BEST liquid eyeliner.
Doesn't smudge when you do your apres-make up applying sneeze.

 11. Vidcon Special Guest Pass
Like beholding a magic key to the kingdom of the internet.
Every door opens, every free cup of coffee plants into your hands,
every confused Vidcon goer whose never seen your face before
perplexed by your Special Guest-ity.
The most important thing I've worn all June.



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