A Lady I Love - Yve Blake

Saturday, 5 July 2014

She's a girl you know whose entered a room before you've seen her.
Confidence and comic energy that's so contagious she's the perfect tonic for the introverted.
She's a lady I love and her name is Yve Blake.
Yve is the powerhouse behind the brilliant project 'Who Were We' and through an astounding use of the internet and beyond, has urged its viewers to 'un-perform'.
To scope out their deepest secrets, to admire themselves at six years old, to do something we seldom allow ourselves the time to do - to share who we once were. 
Then what happens? She turned all the MySpace selfies and the silly-putty-in-Barbies-hair recounts into the really bloody brilliant theatre production, 'Then'.

I became obsessed the with concept 6 months ago having stumbled across her website and armed with friends went to see 'Then' and quickly knew it was one of the best off the cuff outings I'd made.
She sings about growing up, dances with animated cat gifs behind her and at one point takes her shirt off to reveal a bra with the facebook 'like' thumbs sewn brashly on the front.
It's essentially 'Tumblr Live-On-Stage'.
Several glasses of wine after the show we decided we were long lost sister soul mates that must be bound together for the rest of our lives and desperately searched for a way to cement our friendship creatively.
So obviously, I begged and pleaded to get involved one way or another with the show.
Yve's fantabulous show 'Then' is on at Soho Theatre from the 8th to the 13th of July and I cannot urge you to buy tickets enough.
Also, very excitingly, she has invited me up on stage with her on Saturday 12th July to host the post show Q&A to discuss the art of creative collaboration online.
Please, please, please if you are UK based grab a ticket and come and watch!
You wont regret it and we'll both stick around after the show to shower you all with fluffy glittery hugs of appreciation.
(if you'd like to come and watch me do the post show Q&A buy tickets for the 15:15 show on the 12/07/14)

Co-write music with her at www.whowewere.com
or check out a curation of the best stories she's received at


(All photographs taken by Charly Cox on a Canon AE-1 film format)



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