Blazer - River Island
Vest Top - All Saints
Trousers - River Island
Shoes - TopShop

{Photographs by Sophie Lee}

I can confidently say I am not a shit person.
Without a crack of vanity in my statement, a hindrance of over-confidence
or an enormous ego, I know I'm not a shit person.
(I turn the tap off when I brush my teeth and answer emails at 3am... see!!!)

It's 7:30am and jet lag introduces itself to me with a waft of last nights room service and as I pan my eyes over the unfamiliar setting of a shiny hotel room, I lay a little homesick and a little vulnerable on the tops of my covers and stare at the rolling news on the TV.
The previous day had been my first 24 hours at VidCon in LA.
My shoes had been torn, my dress ripped and my hair pulled - all as I pleaded for the safety of a security guard and the search of my best friends hand. 
I am so overwhelming proud of my friends and the following they have gained, but this was the first time 3.5 million subscribers had ever meant anything tangibly.
Even if it was only 350 of them in a 23 second stampede. 
My heart cartwheeled out of my chest and my eyes stung with a terror I'd never felt before, try as I might, even at 7:30 am the next day I still couldn't shake it.
I won't be going back to sleep.
I think.
Because Tumblr is my friend.
Tumblr is my home away from home, my little spot on the internet that encourages my unhealthy procrastination instead of pissing all over it.
"32 unread messages."
Holy shit! Watch out JamJars and Grumpy Cat, my internet fame has finally sprung.
But alas, I was faced with a selection of:

and then also some stuff like this too...

I am no stranger to anonymous hate on the internet.
I embrace it as best I can, because amidst the fat-calling and the friend-faming, I am blessed enough to receive some truly touching messages of love.
More often than not it's a case of giggling over the poor grammar and incorrect statements and moving on, but this time I cried.
Fumbling off of the doomed app I tapped in my friends number in hysterical floods exclaiming I was going to start looking at flights home and not leave my hotel room for the duration of the time I was there.
I was desperately searching for pity but instead I was met with a stern 'pull yourself together.'
"Just because there are a lot of shit people in this world, it doesn't mean you're one of them."

6 peanut butter bagels and a really incredible shower later I deleted the messages and left my room.
Shutting off Virgin Atlantic offers and deleting angered responses, I picked myself up out of the flurry and moved on.

I am the first to admit I have said some things I regret, the majority of my teens I know I spent a lot of time silently calling out others because I was so riddled in my own insecurities it felt right to pick up on others.
By no means was I excessive or violent with my thoughts, but I'd be a liar if at 14 I said I'd not put down somebodies weight because I was so obsessed with my own.
Much like the 6 peanut butter bagels however, whilst it felt great at the time it felt overwhelmingly shit very shortly after. 

People can be arseholes, hell, the majority of people you will come across between birth and death have an underlying tone of arsehole in their nature - but that shouldn't give you reason enough to become one yourself.
Nor does it mean the shit things they say about you make you a shit person.

I have spent a long time contemplating whether or not to post this in fear it looks a little self indulgent, 
I'm not interested or rooting for pity replies or graces of compliments but instead I'd really like for people to remember the reality of sending anonymous hate and also the weightlessness of the comments you receive.

There are lots of shit people in this world, but that doesn't mean you're one of them.

Dress - Zara
Shoes - Nike AirMax
{Photographs by Sophie Lee}

Hat - Rokit
Top - &Other Stories
Dungarees - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
{Photographs taken by Sophie Lee}

June Essentials

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Jeez-Louise what a month it's been.
No, but really, WHAT a month.
Packed full of adventure and long-haul flights, although I am not one to do these sort of posts, I genuinely wouldn't have survived without this kit so wham-bam and thank you Hank Green, these were my June essentials.

Spending significant time on an airplane rips your skin to shreds.
Literally, I have been a wriggly peeling snake. Gross.
Then the lovely ladies at Company Magazine introduced me to the
Orly Rich Renewal Hydration Creme and I have instead been a 
slinky silky snake. Yes please.

 2. Yve Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
Undeniably the worst kept secret in the beauty world,
but it actually does what everyone praises it for.
I've had the same little gold pen since I was 15
and it's still serving me well three years later.
Excellent for hiding jet-lagged eyes.

 3. The Sartorialist - Penguin books
Travels abroad left me sartorially scared and clueless.
Scott Schuman put me back on track and kept me print crazy.

 4.Fujifilm Experia Xtra iso 400
I've fallen in love with film being the secret Shoreditch hipster that I am
and this stuff is way cheaper than the other rolls of film the pro's try and flog you.
Once you've got a nice VSCO filter on it, who cares how much you paid for it?

 5. Tangle Teezer
Skinny dipping and sea salt air means I have to embrace my natural afro curl.
No other brush will physically attack it the way this sparkly purple thing does.
So light, so pretty, so damn good.

 6. Aloe Vera Gel
"I don't burn!!! I have the olive skin of an Italian!!!"
I lied to my friends as I wore factor 10 oil in the afternoon sun.
They then spent the entirety of the holiday coating me in this.
(It helps if you can also find the hands of Ben Brown to put it on your back.)

7.Bleach London Hair Crayon's in 'Washed Up Mermaid' & 'The Big Pink'
Still not grown up yet.
Still not ready to make adult decisions. 
Still dying my hair stupid colours.
These crayons make it a less permanent affair so I can still rock up to a meeting
without looking 15 years old in a crisis. 

 8.Urban Outfitters Love Heart Sunglasses
Yet again still not grown up.
But grown up enough to know my eyes
must be protected.
Too cute not to purchase.

 9. Topshop 'Glow' Highlighter
My beautiful friend Shannon Saunders once attacked
me in a pub bathroom with this stuff and I've bought three pots since.
So shiny, so glowy, so sun kissed.
It's like sex on the beach all over your face.
In a particularly non literal sense, of course.

 10. Alexa Chung x Eyeko Eyeliner
Everything she touches turns to gold.
Hands down the BEST liquid eyeliner.
Doesn't smudge when you do your apres-make up applying sneeze.

 11. Vidcon Special Guest Pass
Like beholding a magic key to the kingdom of the internet.
Every door opens, every free cup of coffee plants into your hands,
every confused Vidcon goer whose never seen your face before
perplexed by your Special Guest-ity.
The most important thing I've worn all June.

A Lady I Love - Yve Blake

Saturday, 5 July 2014

She's a girl you know whose entered a room before you've seen her.
Confidence and comic energy that's so contagious she's the perfect tonic for the introverted.
She's a lady I love and her name is Yve Blake.
Yve is the powerhouse behind the brilliant project 'Who Were We' and through an astounding use of the internet and beyond, has urged its viewers to 'un-perform'.
To scope out their deepest secrets, to admire themselves at six years old, to do something we seldom allow ourselves the time to do - to share who we once were. 
Then what happens? She turned all the MySpace selfies and the silly-putty-in-Barbies-hair recounts into the really bloody brilliant theatre production, 'Then'.

I became obsessed the with concept 6 months ago having stumbled across her website and armed with friends went to see 'Then' and quickly knew it was one of the best off the cuff outings I'd made.
She sings about growing up, dances with animated cat gifs behind her and at one point takes her shirt off to reveal a bra with the facebook 'like' thumbs sewn brashly on the front.
It's essentially 'Tumblr Live-On-Stage'.
Several glasses of wine after the show we decided we were long lost sister soul mates that must be bound together for the rest of our lives and desperately searched for a way to cement our friendship creatively.
So obviously, I begged and pleaded to get involved one way or another with the show.
Yve's fantabulous show 'Then' is on at Soho Theatre from the 8th to the 13th of July and I cannot urge you to buy tickets enough.
Also, very excitingly, she has invited me up on stage with her on Saturday 12th July to host the post show Q&A to discuss the art of creative collaboration online.
Please, please, please if you are UK based grab a ticket and come and watch!
You wont regret it and we'll both stick around after the show to shower you all with fluffy glittery hugs of appreciation.
(if you'd like to come and watch me do the post show Q&A buy tickets for the 15:15 show on the 12/07/14)

Co-write music with her at
or check out a curation of the best stories she's received at


(All photographs taken by Charly Cox on a Canon AE-1 film format)

LA on film (Kodak Porta 400)

Thursday, 3 July 2014


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