Empowerment fixes the broken

Sunday, 4 May 2014

"Haha she's so white girl wasted" "drinking a soy latte cappuccino is such a white girl thing to do." "Such a white girl problem."
We will never banish racism by screaming over it with racism. This logic makes no sense.

"Girls who sleep with loads of guys are sluts." "Girls who wait until the 9th date to get naked are prudes."
Who are we to shame the behaviour of others? Somebody else's sex life doesn't effect you, it doesn't place you on a pedestal, there are no medals awarded for giving a name to someone who has the confidence to know what they want. 
This makes no logical sense.

"Real women have curves." Real women is every woman. Determining the sex of someone by their weight makes no logical sense. How will we ever banish the lack of confidence girls have over their body by screaming over it with more derogatory comments?
You're not fat, you have fat, you have toes, you're not toe. 

Why have we been indoctrinated to believe we can fix things with broken language?
It makes no logical sense.
Empowerment fixes what is broken, encouragement, reassurance, not replacing one ideal with another extreme. 

Shit like this shouldn't have to be addressed, it's as much common sense as knowing two wrongs don't make a right. As much common sense as knowing you shouldn't drizzle ketchup all over your chips, but set a side room on your plate to dip.



  1. Charly, I love love love your writing. I hate the whole 'white girl' thing, and all the double standards we have in society. I also love the line 'You're not fat, you have fat, you have toes, you're not a toe.' xx


  2. Charly for President. This is beautiful and perfect.

  3. Oh lord I disagree entirely. I always drizzle ketchup on my fries. It's a sin not to. ;)

  4. You said it Charly, this was beautiful!

  5. Your blog is so inspiring, so that I had to follow you. I love the way you write. xx

  6. Love this post so much,I agree with literally everything you've said! Just voted for you in the Company Blog Awards :) good luck!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  7. So so spot on.
    I adore your blog!
    Kate xx

  8. THANK YOU! this is perfect.

  9. found your blog by watching louis' video, and I'm glad I did! you have a great way with words and I also really like your style, so it's a great combination :) no wonder you got second place in that company awards thingie! :D love from finland <3

  10. I would like to begin by saying how much I enjoy reading your blog - your writing is a true wonder, I love it and it brings me such joy.

    However, I'm currently at university and one of the many things I enjoy studying and reading is feminist theory, studying race relations, discussing the role of identity factions.
    "We will never banish racism by screaming over it with racism." That being said, the phrases you've mentioned about being a 'white girl' drinking soy lattes is not racist. Inherently so, one cannot be racist towards a group that is in power. You can claim it to be discriminatory, or a stereotype, but never racist. Just a small thing, but something that bugs me because its not politically correct. Political correctness is social science. Let's not undermine social science, just like any other academia. One cannot compare a phrase such as a 'white girl drinks soy lattes' versus 'blacks with dreads look dirty' or 'latinos are so ghetto' - there's a contrast among the two, and that contrast could take a life.



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