Who even are you? -Anonymous hate

Monday, 7 April 2014

When you ask
who even are you?
behind your screen
I wonder the same behind mine.

Stop being controversial
You're so stuck up and stupid
You're only read because of your connections
it floods
                 it floods 
                                      it floods.

You're safe
behind your muted name
and your blanked photo
an ip address not worth tracking
your existence apparently
so much more relevant than mine
yet you can't leave an identity?

I scrawl out thoughts that
have plagued and tested
my judgement and my sanity
you know me for my friends
judge me for my honesty
and berate me because
who even are you?
Stop being controversial
You're so stuck up and stupid.
I don't usually care
thick skin buttoned to the top
but when it floods
                               it floods
                                              it floods 
                    it floods
until who even am I?
am I controversial?
Is my middle class upbringing
and my relationships
making me wrong?


  1. It's easy for people who don't even know you to pass judgement when they are guaranteed anonymity. Fortunately for you, them remaining "anonymous" only exposes their undeniable cowardice... - and that spinelessness is a far worse trait than anything they could accuse you of. :]

  2. So many people get so brave behind a computer screen, 99.9% of the time the things they type they'd never ever say to your face. Haters are really just confused fans. :)

  3. Charly, you get to work with Jacksgap..Did you really think 100% of their fans would be on board with the idea?? Some comments are probably jealous little fan girls, some people just spread hate for no reason. You should know by now how fandoms work. You're doing a lot with your life, you're friendly, smart, have a lot going for you. Don't let a few haters get you down. :)

  4. No disrespect to your so called 'connections' (although i think theyre very talented), your work on your blog stands up on its own and I love reading your views because you express it so beautifully. Also we always need a little contoversy dont we? Keep doing what you're doing xxx

  5. Just a simple advice: Try to focus in that thing that you beautifully do, write.
    In your life your going to evoke jealousy and passions with your work and your living.
    If you think it's better remove the "ask me" buttom on tumblr, just do it. Whatever works for your welfare.

    I'm going to end with the last pic of Alexa Chung on ig:

    "In the end only three things matter:
    -How much you loved
    -How gently you lived.
    and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you."

    Cheers, Sandra

    P.S:Love the playlist :)

  6. I love your work Charly, regardless of who you know, or what your socio-economic upbringing is or any of that irrelevant crap. It's funny, because part of what I like about you is that the answer to "who are you even," is "just a person," just like we all are. You, like most of your readers are a young adult who is dealing with life as it occurs, you've taken advantage of opportunity and clearly have a strong work ethic. This is something to admire not something to attack and I genuinely apologize for the jealous girls who feel the need to subject you to hate to justify their own unhappiness. I wish i could tell you to ignore their pettiness but I think we all know that is not easy. I came across something once, it might have been on tumblr and it was along the lines of "anon hate hurts us most because we hear it in our voices," and that really struck me. Why anyone can justify sending hate is beyond me. It says so much more about the person sending it then the person receiving it, but remember Charly, you are talented, you are beautiful and when they ask "who are you even," respond "Charly fucking Cox,"

  7. Focus on you baby, you're all that matters in the end. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that too. My industry is geared towards hate/negative energy. I try my best to stay on top of my game. Stay sexy. ps a lot of us in the same dorm hall are into this blog, keep it up.




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