The Ex-Boyfriends Ex-Bestfriends Playlist

Sunday, 23 March 2014

When most people break up with a boyfriend they lay guilt ridden holding onto their old possessions. Stealing sweaters and old band tshirts on the sly. When things came to the end for me and an ex boyfriend I tossed aside his hoodies and track pants and instead I nicked his best friend. We had a summer of searching for new indie bands and curling up watching Notting Hill with a Chinese, it was totally platonic and the only kisses ever exchanged were on the forehead. Musically we were soul mates, flicking from Jimi Hendrix to Bon Iver to The Strokes proudly in the car, I'd burn CD's every month with our favourite eclectic mix. Walking home from school with him soon became my favourite time of the day, balancing on green telephone wire boxes together putting the world to rights as we chatted until the burning summer turned into a wet windy winter. At the time I'd never really let another human being into my life in such a brazen and naked way, I didn't care all that much when my hair threw tendrils and curls over my make up - less face nor did my eyes wince when I delved into the pockets of my past and threw them out in front of him. As the summer dissolved it took our relationship with it, phonecalls weren't as often and arguments were rife. I was devastated.
All that was left was an old battered iPod Touch filled to the brim with no less than brilliant songs.
Whilst my music taste might differ now, I thought I'd share with you The Exboyfriend's Exbestfriend's Playlist, enjoy.


  1. I'm loving this playlist so much! I just saw City & Colour a couple months ago!

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  3. BRILLIANT playlist, Charly!!! I made one on spotify, and my friends and I are obsessed!!! xx

  4. spotify:user:ekkcar:playlist:1nB7I0P413paCEkjvmEpOo

    Brilliant playlist!!!

  5. Hi, Charly! I hope you don't mind, I'd taken advantage of your playlist and published it on 8tracks :)

    Just thought I'd share, here's the link for anyone who's interested

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