Poem: In Twenty Years Time

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Would you like me more
If I weighed a stone less?
If I had smaller front teeth
And I didn't always stress?
Would you like me more
If I knew how to say no?
If I liked watching movies
Or could use Final Cut Pro?
Would it make you happy
If I stopped saying 'FUCK!'?
If I didn't like drinking
Or chocolate buttons so much?
Does it bother you
When I text you late at night?
That my paranoia dances
Around the truth when you're right?
Is my laugh the final straw?
Or my awful sense of humour?
Will you tell happy stories
About me to your kids in the future?
Will we write a screenplay
Like we once said?
Will we visit Edinburgh again
Or spend summers apart instead?
Will we still be friends
In twenty years time?
I know I'm not your favourite person
But you're always one of mine.


  1. This is beautiful, Charly. Xx

  2. Lovely. I'll add to it -

    All these "bad" qualities you've written about in this poetic post?
    - You'll find these are the things your friend likes about you the most. ;]

  3. You are literally such an amazing writer-- i LOVE reading your work. It's mysteriously melancholy blended with reality and truth, and it's so beautiful. I'd read anything you write... LITERALLY! xx

  4. I like this because it's relatable. I spend so much of my time wondering where I stand in my friendships with other people. Questioning with how much I mean to them, compared to their other friends, wondering If the pedestal i put people on equate to where they'd place me. Its nice to know other people feel the same way. (I realize now this comment is quickly becoming a wordy misery loves company analogy). But honestly Charly, I've learnt that second guessing yourself and worrying about friendships achieve nothing but self-doubt. If its real it'll last. And you know what, if it doesn't last at least enjoy it while you can. Contrary to popular belief, if a friendship doesn't last forever it doesn't mean it doesn't have a purpose.

  5. You're an amazing writer, Charly! Wish I was courageous enough to share what's on my mind, because I really really want to...

  6. When you get to be my age, 34, you won't worry about these trival things so much. Your life will probably be changing diapers, taking your kids to the ballet and washing your husband's boxer shorts.. This person you write about will be a distant memory.



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