February Favourites

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Something a little different to my usual angst ridden ramblings! 
A roundup of some of my favourite things this last month.

 Alexa Chung x Eyeko 
I know, I know, stop crushing on Alexa Chung.
(Probably not going to happen, ever.)
I absolutely adore her collaboration with Eyeko, having a penchant for the cat-eye liner flick I've desperately tried and tested countless liquid eyeliners, all of which manage to smudge half way up my eyebrow and melt down to my cheek bones by the end of the day.
Hurrah! This pen-nib liner glides wonderfully, even for shaky handed novices, and dries before you need to blink. Perfection.
I don't think there's a friend I've not sung its praises to yet. Even the boys.
The mascara brush could be a little bigger and bristlier for me, but on the whole, a lovely set.
 Sunglasses x Holly Carpenter 
I popped into Anthropologie on the Kings Road the other day having been blinded by unexpected sunshine, so thought it allowed to treat myself to some new glasses.
I'm the first to scratch, sit on and lose expensive sunglasses, so for those who can't be trusted like myself- these ones by Holly Carpenter at £22 are a pretty decent Miu-Miu replacement.
 Clinique Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop 
The lovely Liv Purvis of whatoliviadid met me for lunch the other day and did a little gift exchange!
I've been set on my NARS blusher for centuries, so when she slotted this into my make up bag, it was a welcome addition.
The colour is perfect for bronzed complexions and a really lovely dewy texture.
 La Roche Posay - Effaclar Duo 
Taking off my face is usually met with melodramatic screams and hours of disdain, by me.
My skin is combination/oily/acne prone/awful.
I don't often find over the counter skin products all that effective, but a make up artist friend suggested trying this after I took my make up off and before I put it on to calm angry red skin.
(I've bought it 4 times since.)
 Disaronno x Moschino 
Sadly, there are few things in life I enjoy more than when 5pm hits and I'm allowed a drink.
I've lusted over Moschino for years, ever since my mum let me borrow her vintage letter belt.
She arrived home from the supermarket the other day with this bottle and it was an alcoholic stylists dream come true.
 Bumble & Bumble - Straight Balm 
When I was working at Burberry, the only hair product the stylists would use was Bumble & Bumble.
Now all I have to do is open the lid and its smell carries me back into one of my favourite jobs.
It also tames my curly, frizzy, white girl afro like nothing else.
 Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate 
There is no hangover too strong, no break up too bad, no diet failed that this lipstick wont fix.
It makes you look like you've got your shit together.
 Liberty Thank You Notes 
Liberty's is the sole perpetrator of my dwindling bank balance.
I can't remember the last week I went without hauling myself around laden with stationary and health bits.
I love sending letters and sometimes a Thank You needs to be a little bit special.
The gilt gold lettering on sunshine yellow makes me search for people to be thankful for.


  1. I like the sunglasses! Black and white always a good choice, combine with almost everything. -X

  2. The colour of the lipstick looks amazing!:)

  3. I adore the fact that disaronno made your list.

  4. I really hope you are making this a monthly post! xx

  5. Thanks Charly! I'll be sure to check out La Roche Posay - Effaclar Duo. Being a teen and dealing with hormones sometimes sucks! Hopefully it works as well with my skin as it does with yours.



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