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Monday, 6 January 2014

I am an eater. 
An over-eater, an emotional eater, an 'I'll have whatever the hell I like!' eater.
Until suddenly it dawns on me it's simply not possible to eat two Twix bars and a large Cappucino for breakfast (and probably dinner) and stay A) content with my figure and B) alive.

All aboard the Detox wagon, it's a one way ticket to a testing January but a fairly fresh and fabulous February. 
Amidst the Turkey-flavoured tears that have been rolling down my cheeks for the past few days just thinking about boycotting another Quality Street, (I've been having romantic dreams about the purple one), I scooped myself up and off to the Gym via Harvey Nichols in search of Dr. Jackson's finest.
Dr.Jackson has more doctorates and PHD's than you can imagine and is a bit of a whizz with all-natural products, having been a big fan of his face oil I was super excited to see he'd ventured out to Tea!
It's £15 for a jar that lasts 2 weeks, it's currently only available at Harvey Nichols which is a bit of a pain but worth it if you can get there.
All you need is two teaspoons full of the loose tea into boiling water twice a day for a fortnight!

Ingredients: Fennel, Elder Flowers, Aniseed, Liquorice and Senna Fruit

A total Detox Tea newcomer, I wasn't really sure what to expect or what I was supposed to be looking out for, sadly I didn't sprout wings but 5 days in I feel amazing.
It got to work impressively fast and has left me super energised and with clearer skin, not to mention what magical things it's probably been getting up to inside!
Definitely recommend.

I'm giving away a bottle! If you fancy one, leave a comment why you should have it along with your email address. I'll pick a winner at the end of next week!


  1. I fancy it a lot!
    I think i should have it because it's tea.I mean, who doesn't like tea?? xx

  2. Ooooo intriguing...
    I feel like i need this because a) i'm a tea enthusiast (by enthusiast i mean i drink way too much of it and b) Christmas has been a very delicious time for me and subsequently very, very sad....:p xx

  3. The other thing about me wanting this, it's that i love tea sOooooOOOOoo much that i buy every single type of tea there is in the supermarket.But sadly this kind of tea doesn't sell where i live. (wow me commenting again wow wo w. i think i have to leave now)

  4. Ooh this sounds so good! Is your giveaway international? If so then I'd love to give this a try because I've been really struggling with my eating during the last year and now I feel so bloated all the time. This tea sounds as though it might help with my recovery :)

  5. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  6. i would love to try this because i have some digestive problems and i often feel bloated. This tea might be the one!

  7. I would love to try this because I've been looking for a detox tea and I have yet to find a good one and I trust your opinion on this one. Also, I have digestive problems and acne problems. I think a detox tea would really help me

  8. Because I desperately need to get my sorry ass back into shape and this sounds exquisite. x

  9. Detox teas can be quit tricky. I've tried tried a few, but none of them have actually made a change or helped me in any way. So I'm always open to try new ones and this one looks promising.

    but stil.. It's 2014 and food can still make us fat. Get it together science.

  10. I would love this tea because recently, with the holiday season, not only have I been tired beyond my wits and had a massive lack of energy because I have been working hours on end. I have also been so lazy that I feel the snow storms in my town have been giving me cabin fever. The tea would definitely help me feel revitalized and rejuvenated, ready for uni to, sadly, start again next week! x

  11. Overly excited to see you blogging more frequently, Charly! My discovery of tea detoxes last year left me skeptical at first, but recently, I've been more and more convinced. If this giveaway is open to persons inhabiting in Canada, then I would be super interested in giving it a try :) (Also, do you have a PO box to mail to? I would love to mail you some stuff! Not a bomb, don't worry... And not a cute boy either. Sorry.)

  12. Fantastic. I've never tried any detox tea, but I'm always up to try something new. Everyone keeps raving about them and suggesting I try some... I haven't decided how to interpret that latter bit. If you're recommending it and love it enough to blog about it, it must be worth it.

  13. I've been desperate to try a detox tea for ages but I've just never got round to it. This looks absolutely amazing. I've had quite problematic skin recently so I'm hoping a detox tea could help especially after reading this review. Now that I'm going back to full time workaholic after the holidays I think I'm in need of something like this before my body completely gives up and internally combusts from stress and lack of exercise!
    hmcb.98@googlemail.com x

  14. Hi, Charly!
    Well, as you are, I am an eater as well. "An over-eater, an emotional eater, an 'I'll have whatever the hell I like!' eater."- that is also about me. And I'm writing this right now while eating some sugary cookies. That bad dietary pattern always leads to some skin problems, which makes me extremely sad :( Not to mention the damages it's been doing inside, all thanks to that "Christmas celebrations" season which has probably already lasted too long. I'm also starting the whole new healthy lifestyle next week, because there's been a lot of stress in my life as the "final exams" season has come. Trusting your advice, these are true reasons why I would like to try out a detox tea.
    P.s. Did I mention I'm Harry Styles' personal assistent? He might be standing in your kitchen (naked?) and doing your breakfast next morning you send me that beautiful tea gift. Haha, just joking (or maybe not?).
    Hope you have a nice day! x

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  16. Ooh, I'd love to try this as i'm on a strict detox for the next month and a half before i'm off to Australia where i will undoubtedly spend most of my time on their lovely beaches in a bikini! (not that i'm complaining at all, but it will be nice to feel that little bit slimmer if i have to bare more than just my hands and face like i do in England!)

  17. I'd love to receive the detox tea. I feel extremely sluggish and tired all the time and am pretty desperate to find a way to get my energy back!


  18. I'd love to try this! I am, just like you, an eater. Its not just the meals, but the snacks are the devil. I do athletics training, and until recently, didn't think about my awful diet. But now due to an injury, I have had to stop training. And I can tell you- the pounds came on thick and fast! I really need a way to get back and feel energized from the inside. I don't want to get back into training in the summer with my competition kit- tight shorts and a crop top, and feel miserable. Also, my skin has been playing up (probably from all the crap I consume hahaha). If this works wonders for your skin, I'd love to try it.

  19. Id love to try this! I'm a total tea enthusiast (I cannot get enough) and I've been having trouble getting a hold of these! Hoping the giveaway is international

  20. Charly you are just too cute for words. I read your blog posts and it feels like we're best friends having girly talks. Stay lovely :) xx

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  22. I've also seen some other detox teas! and would love to try this one sounds cools :)
    hope you pick me!



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