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Thursday, 8 August 2013

When & Why did you start your Tumblr blog? Was it a love at first sight affair?

I started my tumblr blog a few years ago.
It was quite a spontaneous move.
I did thoroughly enjoy blogging, however it did take me a while to find my style.

How many followers do you have / how many blogs do you follow?

I have 539 followers and I follow 550!

One word that describes your blog when you first started:


One word that describes your blog now:

Minimalist. Consistent. Concise. Chic. (If you can't tell already, I can be indecisive at times.)

A blog (other than your own, cheeky!) that you love:

Can I say www.stylethenatives.tumblr.com ??
If not, I love: www.optomistique.tumblr.com and www.martincharlotte.tumblr.com

Your main Tumblr pet hate:

My biggest pet hate is when people scroll down your blog and reblog EVERYTHING in the exact same order.
Flattering, but mix it up a bit!

I would never reblog:

I don't feel comfortable reblogging images of depression and mental illnesses.

Something that makes you go 'Unf':

Unf? Hmm... does Ryan Gosling count?

I can't believe....follows me! :

Not going to lie, I highly admire www.laurenwoodward.tumblr.com so when she followed me I was pretty pleased!

Prime blogging hours:

I'm going with weekdays around 4/5pm. Weekends, I like to wake up and do a bit of blogging before I start my day so preferably 9am-ish.

What makes a great Tumblr blog:

In my opinion, a good Tumblr blog is an output of your thoughts and interests.
It's something that represents you, your personality and interests.
Personally, I like the minimalist style with high quality images of anything from interior to fashion to food.

Something people always put in my ask:

A common question is 'OMG YOU'VE MET ONE DIRECTION!!!!' .. yes, yes I have!

I wish my followers would:

Ask me more questions, or just even chat to me- come on guys!

Without Tumblr I'd be:

I imagine I would be quite confused to my taste, style, interests etc. It' helped me discover myself as a person and what I want/like. WOW sounds so corny when you type that out!

Other than a really cool username & picture on the internet,
who are YOU?

Who am I? Wow, this is like one of those deep PSHCE lessons you do at school then have to present to the class. Okay... well, I'm Beth Howell. I'm from Leeds, UK which is actually a decent city, however I long to move down to London as I love the diverse culture and atmosphere down there.
I'm 16 years old and have just finished year 11 at school studying Geography, Textiles, Applied Art, French and all the other necessities.
I especially enjoy studying Art, Textiles and English, as they're the most creative subjects where I can express myself.

You've got 30 words to say to the reader, what are they?
Hey! Don't mind us, do some shameless self-promotion or maybe even encourage people to save the pandas.

Hello Earthlings! God I never know how to start these things. All I have left to say is read good books, eat good food and smile. Gosh, inspirational huh?!



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