The Pigeon Detectives

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Editors forward: We've all been there, it's 11:45am and you are so hungover you feel as though the notion of your body spontaneously combusting and redecorating the walls before you is perhaps more pleasant than the thumping elephants penetrating your brain. 
Worse off, you've got to be at work in 15 minutes.
Sympathy I want from you not as not only should I have NEVER been dancing on tables on a weekday, but I wasn't off to a boring office job. At 12pm I had a scheduled call with Matt Bowman, frontman of the Pigeon Detectives.
Had I prepared interview questions? No.
Had I done a weeks worth of research prior? Don't be silly.
Was I frantically drinking pints of water, digging for paracetamol and nervously racking my brain for thought provoking questions?
Yes, sat in my pants with a bowl of cereal. 
Dialling Matt's number I prayed I'd be received with a fabulous sense of humour, thank the heavens above he was one of the coolest and funniest men in my contacts list.
Enjoy some fantastically poor journalism speckled with the brilliant musings of Matt.

It's a Friday night and your plans have just been cancelled, what do you do instead?

I'd probably go and see the boys, we've got a bit of a Beatles thing going on where we all live within a few streets of each other so I can always rely on one of them to also have nothing to do.

Your three most simple pleasures?

Walking the dog, eating pizza & playing the piano.

If you weren't talking to me, what would you be doing?

I'd be driving my car, I've just been and bought a door- as rock and roll as that sounds, I was driving home and pulled over to do this interview.

What was your favourite Christmas present as a child and would you say it's shaped your adult life?

I quite liked Lego, a lot of people say I've got a Lego man hair cut, so I guess it's shaped my hair's future.

If you weren't in the Pigeon Detectives, what band would you like to be lead singer of?

I've always quite liked to be in Oasis, I think me and Liam Gallagher are kinda the polar opposites of front men and I think after 9 and a half years of jumping around and throwing myself off of drum kits it'd be quite nice to just stand in front of a microphone.

What would you go back and tell your 16 year old self if you could?

Have a few singing lessons, don't worry it's all going to be okay, I think you worry  a lot when you're 16 don't you? I certainly never thought I'd be some rockstar touring the world with my mates, I'd have gone back and said 'Don't bother fucking revising there's no point, you don't need Maths, English or History.'

What does your ideal day consist of?

Hooking up with the guys, a bit of rehearsing and eating pizza- I think I'd eat that everyday, forever.

Your opinion on modern-day girl bands and politicians in 3 words each:

Female, equal & dated.
Selfish, detached  & immoral.

What do you believe in?

Pigeon Detectives, it's the only constant in my life. 

Why the name 'Pigeon Detectives'?

It was a drunken rant by an Australian bloke around a camp fire at Leeds Festival in 2001/2 and when he went back to Australia he aunt us a postcard saying 'I hope to see the Pigeon Detectives touring Oz soon!' ... and we're suckers for sentimentality so...

How much is a pint of milk?

At my shop it's 69p, I live bang opposite 'the corner shop'.

What's the best thing about your career?

Not having to get up and stand at a bus stop at 7 o clock on a rainy Tuesday morning to go and work in  an office. Failing that, platinum discs- they're always quite good to show off when people come over.

What's your worst habit?

I exaggerate a lot and I lie through my teeth for no reason other than to entertain myself.

What's something you love?

My dog, my wife and the Pigeon Detectives, in that order.

Britney Spears asks you out on a date, yes or no? If yes, where would you take her? If no, why the hell not- it's Britney bitch?!

No because I'm married, but then if yes- I'd take her to Pizza Express, keep it real. I'd make sure I got one of those half price vouchers off the internet. Also, if anyone from Pizza Express happens to be reading this- you can forward all free lunch offers to the record label and they'll be greatly received.

A misconception people have of you?

That I perm my hair.

The best lyric you've ever written?

'Keep on your dress'

Something we'd never catch you doing?

Eating meat, I'm a vegetarian.

Why should people buy the new album?

So I don't have to go and queue and up at the bus stop on a rainy Tuesday morning to go and work at an office, failing that- it's the Pigeon Detectives back at their best, we've gone back to writing catchy tunes and this record is designed to be played before you go out on a night out, you get it quite quickly.


  1. Please get spellcheck. 'Detatched'??

    1. Hi Lily, I really appreciate the feedback that you've posted on more than one occasion.
      It's unfortunate that you don't feel as though this blog is particularly for you, but instead of viewing it purely to critique it I'd suggest you found a blog you absolutely adore that you can read and enjoy instead.
      As you too are a blogger I expect you understand what a wonderful community this little space on the internet can be and also how awful it is when people don't post particularly nice comments.
      I would never dream of addressing you in such a cold manner on your own blog and I'd really appreciate it if you could refrain from doing so again on mine.
      Like you, I work incredibly hard and it's not great logging on to see someone not happy with your work! Best, Charly

  2. Well done Charly!
    Stand up for yourself.
    Love Do

  3. GOOOOO CHARLY ;) Great interview - he sounds like a sweatheart! Dais xxxx

  4. Hey lovely! This was truly entertaining to read, loved it! X

  5. I haven't heard of the pigeon detectives before, but this interview really made me want to go check them out. And in my opinion, that's the result of the opposite of fantastically poor journalism.



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