Notting Hill

Sunday, 4 August 2013

For the last few weeks I have been hiding away in the deep dark depths of my bedroom-come-office desperately trying to avoid just about anything and everything.
As well as other totally life-important stresses, 
the fact that Christmas is only 4 shopping months away has been a big ol' player in the game.
Beheading Rudolph in my sleep- I knew it was time I searched for a cure.
Miraculously, I had a much needed epiphany...
all I needed was some vitamin D and a dose of Emma B.

I am a creature of habit and a total bore when it comes to venturing outside of my beloved Kings Road hang-outs, so when my lovely friend Emma Bates rang and suggested we hit Notting Hill for a spot of exploration and a catch-up brunch I couldn't wait!
Emma is someone who I have recently come to love and laugh with an awful lot.
I also like to award her extra gold stars not only for her perfectly shiny hair but because she too is a blogger! 
You can take a read of her goings on right HERE

First Stop: Wild At Heart 
Wild At Heart is a gorgeous flower stall in the heart of Westbourne Grove that pulls at every whimsical and romantic ideal you could possibly conjure. 
I have to be kept on a very tight leash when visiting as I have been known to suggest somewhat seriously that I'd do just about ANYTHING to have their neon sign in my bedroom.
Negotiations with the owner aside, it leaves me with sleepless nights that it's too big to fit in my handbag.

Senses appeased, our eyes fluttered far past geraniums and succulents straight to the glowing green promise land of Tom's Deli and Cafe. 
It was time for brunch.

C'mon.. how can you resist the call of Cookies?
and the call of feathered Flamingo's

Tom's is a wonderfully old school/retro cafe that doubles as a fabulous sweet shop at the front.
I promised myself I'd go home and do 60 sit ups as I knew my thoughts left to wonder in there alone probably accounted for 10lbs worth of real life sinning.

Incredibly and proudly we did actually manage to behave ourselves and settled with sharing a bowl of homemade granola & honey yogurt with fruit. 
It was lovely, but I couldn't help myself from daydreaming about these beauties...
Sorry guys... please wait for me, I'll be back to devour you all in one go soon I promise :-(

Sensory overload achieved, we went for a relaxed stroll through Westbourne Grove and Portobello Road.
Beautiful weather provided it was total bliss, until conversation turned to Season 3 of Suits & a who's-hotter-war between Harvey Specter and Mike Ross broke out.
(I was flying the flag and the wagging tongue for Team Mike.)

There are so many wonderful little streets to explore and lust over, we lost count over how many properties we'd stuck on our imaginary house hunting list.
Sorry Chelsea.. I may have found a new love affair to pursue!
Beaming and bursting with exhilarated screams, we ran like enamoured teenage girls at a One Direction free-for-all.
Harry Styles no where to be seen, the darling features behind our affections was this marvellous character, Gary the French Bull Dog.
Having just hopped off a flight from LA the majestic pooch was apparently suffering from severe jet lag.
First world problems, eh!

Emma let me push the boat out and I was allowed to finish our day trip with an ice cream as I 'd been such a good girl.
 I hadn't complained once about being so hot I could spontaneously combust into a pool of sweat and granola.
Oh okay, maybe I did.
But only twice.

The perfect distraction from a long few weeks & an even better excuse to catch up with a beautiful friend.
Definitely hit up Notting Hill whilst the sun is still shining!

internet hugs & kisses,




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