Holy Lewis, he's good!

Sunday, 4 August 2013


From humble YouTube beginnings to touring Australia with Birdy, 20 year old singer/songwriter Lewis Watson brings more than just adorable freckles to the stage.
Having already released 2 EP's and tracks among the likes of 'Into the Wild', 'little Darling', 'Windows' and 'Bones', Lewis has no doubt caught the attention of the indie music scene worldwide.
With his intimate and emotive lyrics, chilled vibe and slightly folky sound, Lewis' tunes features his trusty guitar and are guaranteed to strike a heart chord. 

Lewis' songs feature delicate choruses, soft vocals and sincerely heartfelt lyrics- leaving you practically wanting to wrap yourself up in blankets and hit replay endlessly. 
He counts Bon Iver, Dallas Green and Matt Corby among his influences and as a self taught guitarist found a passion for writing his own songs as a method of channelling built up emotion.

Of course, Lewis credits YouTube and social media for his ever-increasing popularity. 
After receiving his first guitar on his 16th birthday, he began to look for ways to get people's opinions without playing to family and friends. 
Enter YouTube, and what started as a hobby became a match made in heaven.
Under the username HolyLoowis, he tried to keep his online music ventures under wraps from his friends, uploading a number of covers including Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' and Bombay Bicycle Club's 'Swansea'. Gradually Lewis found himself supported by devoted fans who who encouraged him to write and upload his own works, four years on he's now signed to Warner Bros. Records. 

Previous to his success in music, Lewis considered himself a 'Jack of all trades, but mast of none', that is until he picked up a guitar.
"I was always unsure when I was younger, I was always ambitious but never about a particular thing."
Interested in pursuing a career in the music industry, he studied a technology course with the back-up of becoming a recording producer or engineer in mind.
Now, with over fifty thousand YouTube subscribers and climbing, Lewis no longer needs a Plan B, and there are only more good things to come from this down to earth performer.

He followed the release of his first Ep; 'It's got four sad songs on it BTW', with his latests; 'Another Four Sad Songs' and it's only fitting that both received rave reviews and are true to Lewis' own description of his style, 'acoustic, chill and personal'.

Staying connected with his fans via tTwitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, it's clear Lewis appreciates his supporters.
"They're quite cool, they're quite young a t the moment because I started on social media- and they're the people that use it." He explains.
"It's really cool to have that kind of following off the back, as in a way they're the people that will buy the record."

After gigging extensively throughout the UK, Lewis travelled to Australia where his first EP charted at number thirteen. 
'Busking' in free guerrilla giga, Lewis' genuine love for his fans was clear at the low key meet ups , as he was taken aback by how warmly he'd been received.
 "I went there expecting no one to know who I was," he says, "Australia is also known for its singer/songwriter feel, so to know you're liked over there- it's a huge compliment!"

He returned a second time this year, touring as Birdy's support act which included performances at the world renowned Sydney Opera House- leaving no questions asked about his growing international success. Lewis has established a firm stance in the industry internationally and unsurprisingly due to to his hard work.
Fresh out of five months of almost non-stop gigs, Lewis is midway through a massive festival lined summer. His UK June tour was extended, and there's no signs of slowing down.
Lewis' undeniable natural talent and warm-like-melted-butter voice is set to be all over the radio in time to come. His honest and genuine songs are both poignant and poetic, but not be confused with other comparative artists. His uniques take on love, heartbreak and internal battles lost and won makes for a listen that stays with you long after the last seconds have played.
For a full list of Lewis Watson's upcoming shows and gigs, head to his official website: www.lewiswatsonmusic.com and stay tuned.
We're predicting bigs things from this charismatic and loveable Oxford lad!


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