An afternoon in Chelsea

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Last week I took on a new exciting job and having felt it start to take it's toll, my beautiful friend Emma and I decided that the only right way to celebrate the successes and laugh out the stresses was to head over to one of our favourite places, The Phene.
Despite the short time we've known each other (around two months, but don't tell her I'm counting) we've found incredible friendship amidst our heavy sarcasm and love for dry wit. 
And nothing dishes up better next to sarcasm and wit than a bloody great Mojito and a huge platter of food.
The Phene is nestled away off of the Kings Road in Chelsea and provides a lovely little chilled hang out and hide away.
I remember the first day I fell in love with it and have proceeded to use and abuse their gorgeous garden space time and time again, whether that be to impress clients during an interview or to giggle over mischief and mojitos with my friends.
Thank god for British weather otherwise I'd probably have set up camp and moved in months ago.

Indecisive as ever, we shared a Lebanese platter which was several heavenly portions of unicorn sprinkles and angel glitter in disguise as smoked houmous', falafels and stuffed vine leaves with a bucket  load of skinny fries.
(No, but really, they come in an actual bucket.)
I always manage to end up the token alcoholic, so whilst Emma sipped on water (and then later came to her senses and pinched some of mine) I got familiar with an old favourite and ordered myself the king of all Mojito's. 

The weather in London currently is so confused so I set off out in a Topshop striped tee, a pair of Acne Skin Rocca jeans and cuddled myself with my favourite brown and beige Mulberry scarf.
It's tiring chatting about nothing in particular whilst lounging and laughing and being silly so we found great comfort in these awesome wicker egg chairs they've got outside. 
If only they had a resident white fluffy cat to stroke and we could've spent all day acting out Austin Powers.
(Probably for the best they didn't really, hey.)
Down the rain poured and our Zara sense started to tingle so we scooped ourselves up and headed over for a quick apres-lunch beverage and hit up Gails.
Gails is an emporium of unbearably instagram worthy looking cakes and treats so we fell straight into the swing of the occasion and threw ourselves amidst it all... and ordered a drink.
Who the hell are we and when did we become so boring?
Emma played her inner child and ordered a chocolate milk whilst I opted for a glass of Jasmine infused cold Earl Grey tea.
I was fooling no one with my wannabe sophisticated order and ending up drinking the rest of Emma's milk in hope of eradicating my terrible tea terror.

Emma went ahead and blogged about our little Chelsea escapade too over on her blog which you can check out HERE!
She just ticked off a milestone of 40,000 views so go and shower her lavishly with love! 

C x



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