A few kind words & some excellent advice

Thursday, 8 August 2013

A few kind words & some excellent advice

In my humble opinion, the world is powered on a cliche.
They're always there, hiding in your conversations, creeping through irresolute tongues, prying on the homesick and dysphoric ready to pounce and punch some mojo back into those who need it- even if they do sometimes cause your eyes to wince and cringe clamourously, they act as one of the greatest comforts.
Today was one of 'those days', one of 'those days' where I found myself darkened with uninspired motives and indolent bones.
Determined to clamber out into the day with a smile on my face and confidence behind my ideas, I set out on Tumblr to find some of my favourite quotes, cliches and words of wisdom.
All images held credit to their respective owners.
Here they are for you to enjoy.
C x

& Last, but most certainly not least -


  1. Ha, I liked this post a lot. The thought that the world is run on a cliche. Especially the last one. That's how all should live their lives, haha x

    X leah Symonne x


    1. Hey Leah, thanks so much for your kind words! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. C x



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